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Especially in times like these, you can count on us

We are in the midst of unprecedented events, and I am writing to let you know of the actions Guillen Pujol CPA (GPCPA) is taking to protect our clients, professional advisors, vendors, staff, and our communities.

COVID-19 news continues to evolve rapidly. We will continue our support for clients and colleagues in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. For that reason, we have adopted the measures indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. authorities, and other health organizations that seek to protect us, and stop the spread of the virus. We are taking the following actions at GPCPA:

Virtual meeting protocol.

Our advisors continue to be here to serve clients and colleagues. While GPCPA is implementing flexible working arrangements, and our teams are being encouraged to work from home, we will remain available via Guillen Pujol CPA’s phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
Our staff has secured access to all information, and remote access, which allows us to continue providing our services without interruption, with the same quality and speed, from anywhere.

What about an in-person appointment?

If you need to meet in person, please call us/write an email to make an appointment, that way, we can make proper arrangements. However, following the CDC, the World Health Organization, and the U.S. authorities recommendations, we strongly encourage you to follow the virtual meeting protocol. Instead of having an in-person appointment, we will set up a conference call, or video call, with you.
Please note that if an in-person appointment is urgent, GPCPA will restrict access for anyone who is not able to comply with the CDC guidelines: as visited designated countries in the last 15 days, been in close contact with a suspected, or confirmed case of COVID-19.
Since we are living dire circumstances, we will continue to evaluate the situation day by day, and GPCPA is prepared to react accordingly.
I, personally, have navigated through numerous crises, market and economic cycles, including the last recession that started in December 2007. In these 30+ years of my career, I have learned that thorough and in-depth planning will allow us to manage the challenges inherent with this COVID-19 global pandemic. If we stay together, this can be our finest hour.

We are grateful for your valued relationship with Guillen Pujol CPA. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving any additional needs in the future. Stay Safe.

Nestor L. Guillen
Founder, CEO

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