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At GPCPA, we help you design the best plan for your new business incorporation by providing step by step guidance from start to success.

Choosing the legal form for operating a business strongly impacts after-tax cash flow available to owners, the deductibility of employer fringe benefits, personal liability, and many more. At GPCPA, we assist business owners in determining how to structure their business, such as whether they should become an S corporation, a C corporation, or an LLC.

GPCPA can help you deal with critical matters from the beginning of your business planning, like considering your company’s overall method of accounting, or the tax year-end. Our experts will help you choose the correct inventory valuation method to use, and also in defining how to fund your company, whether to use debt or equity capitalization.

When designing your international business structure, GPCPA is able to incorporate companies in any of the fifty states, and in multiple offshore locations. You will receive a complete set of legal books, initial incorporation documentation. In addition, we offer a diverse network of specialized attorneys, or we can work with your own counsel to keep everything in order.

GPCPA can serve as your registered agent. If you are not ready to set up your own separate offices, we can provide competitively priced business domiciliation services by helping you keep the startup costs to a minimum. At the same time, we provide operations and business growth to a desirable level.

Service Offering:

  • Business incorporation.
  • Personalized advice to foreign entrepreneurs.
  • The best method of accounting for your business.
  • International business structure.
  • To serve as your registered agent in the USA.
  • Business domiciliation services.

LATAM Service:

  • Incorporación de empresas en USA.
  • Registro de nombres y marcas de negocios en USA.
  • Asesoramiento personalizado a emprendedores extranjeros.
  • Ayudarle en oportunidades de negocios rentables.
  • El mejor método de contabilidad para su negocio.
  • Estructura comercial international.
  • Servir como su agente registrador en USA.
  • Servicios de domiciliación empresarial.

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