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Extensive payroll processing and reporting experience

We can render payroll processing and calculation services to all types and sizes of industries. We use the best technology platforms available to provide this essential and critical service to our clients, so they can have peace of mind that their employees are well taken care of. 

GPCPAs payroll processing services include: 

  • Calculating payroll for your employees and contractors
  • Calculating Federal and State payroll tax deposits
  • Preparing Federal and State payroll tax forms for periodic reporting as required
  • Same Day Direct Deposit
  • W2s and 1099s forms

Whether your company needs to process payroll on a weekly, biweekly, or semimonthly basis, our team can run your payroll with the frequency you desire, and we also take care of the set up of new employees, contractors, or updating their personal tax and banking information as needed.


Our payroll team sends notifications and reminders about the amount required on the bank account for payroll processing, payroll taxes, and quarterly filings, as well as offers you assistance on how to prepare it.

Our dedicated payroll team coordinates with our clients all about the required information to process payroll on a timely basis, including worked hours, pay rate and employee status updates, benefits information, and updated information, as needed, so we can timely and adequately provide an accurate service.

Our structure allows our clients to authorize our firm to fulfill payroll obligations and submit all mandatory filings on your behalf. You can leave this to us. GPCPAs will ensure punctual and efficient payments to your employees and contractors.

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