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Our network of experts around the world provides local knowledge and support to develop the best strategies for our clients.

As local companies continue to expand and invest in global markets, GPCPAs recognize the importance of having a deeper understanding of the various international tax regulations and standards of financial reporting. Our experienced team in international taxation will provide the correct solutions for compliance to identify ways to reduce overall effective tax rates.

Regardless of your location, our Miami team and our global network of tax professionals offer local and international expertise to assist companies in navigating international rules and identifying risks and opportunities for them to thrive in new markets. Besides developing the best strategies for your company, we can assist you with essential or sophisticated structuring of tax-efficient acquisitions, deciding whether a branch or a subsidiary is a better option, entity type, and selection for effective use of low-tax jurisdiction.

Our team has over twenty years of experience assisting foreign investors and business owners exploring U.S. investments or international companies with their tax planning and compliance needs.

Our International Tax Consulting and Compliance Services include:

  • Choice of entities.
  • International ownership structuring.
  • Develop tax planning strategies to achieve financial goals for the company and its owners/executives.
  • Due diligence on expansion opportunities.
  • Planning for outbound and inbound executives.
  • Reporting and disclosure rules.
  • Income tax treaty planning and strategies.
  • Inbound and outbound business start-up services.
  • Passive foreign investment company analysis.
  • Coordination and collaboration with local country tax professionals to ensure local country tax return filings and other compliance obligations are completed in a timely manner.
  • Coordination and collaboration with other expert professionals to assist in transfer pricing analysis and documentation.

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