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New Stimulus Check If You Live In This State

Are you Eligible for this New Round of Stimulus Check?

Welcome to California

If you live in the state of California you are about to receive a brand new stimulus check.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed additional COVID-19 relief legislation this week that will provide $600 stimulus checks to the majority of his state’s residents as well as additional payments to dependents, Newsweek reported. At the end of June, the Democratic governor reached an agreement with state lawmakers to approve the direct payments, as well as billions in other economic relief, according to Newsweek. 

“$600 checks are coming to 2/3 of Californians. And if you have a kid, you can benefit from an additional $500,” Newsom tweeted on May 11.

Gov Gavin Newsom Tweet

Who’s eligible?

  • California’s residents earning up to $75,000 a year will receive the $600 direct payment.
  • As stated by the governor on May 11, parents or guardians will receive further payments of $500 for dependent children.
  • Undocumented immigrant families will also receive payments of $500.
What to do to qualify to California's new stimulus check.
Here’s what you need to do to qualify to California’s new stimulus check. ⬆️

“In total, about $8.1 billion has been set aside to cover the costs of all the new stimulus checks. State officials estimate that two out of every three residents in California will receive a direct payment. Considering that California is home to about 39.5 million people, this means more than 26 million residents should receive stimulus checks. Officials have said the payments will arrive sometime in September,” Jason Lemon writes for Newsweek. 

Besides the three federal stimulus checks approved by Congress that most U.S. citizens already received –First, a dircet payment of $1,200, then another direct payment of $600, and the third round of stimulus check, $1,400, pushed by the Democratic Congress only without any type of Republican support– this new $600 California stimulus check will be the second direct payments to be approved on the state.  

This is a summary of the Newsweek Magazine piece ‘California Stimulus Check: Who Is Eligible for New $600 Payments?‘ written by Jason Lemon, originally published on July 15 at 10:35 AM. 


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